Womens Originals Shoes

Put your best foot forward with a loved classic, our women's Originals sneakers. These shoes combine comfort and durability to help you get through your day. With lightweight and breathable materials, adidas Originals are designed to support you during sporting or casual activities.

Women's Originals shoes; be the best, look the best

On the street and the court, adidas Originals shoes for women have been the footwear of choice for decades, and with good reason. Whether you are serious about your sport or soaking up the sun by the pool, women's Originals shoes are designed to give you maximum comfort and durability. With fine stitching and quality materials that are lightweight and breathable, you can be assured that a shoe from adidas is made to last. The range covers all aspects of different sports, from running to tennis, sailing to gym work. Using the latest sportswear technologies in lightweight materials and breathable fabrics, women's Originals shoes are tough enough to withstand the pressure of the workout and fashionable enough for a night out. 

Your lifestyle, your choice

adidas is dedicated to crafting not only shoes that can stand your pace in the workout, but also have the right designs to suit your personality and hard-working lifestyle. From classic 3-Stripes and Trefoil to fun and cute decals. Traditional white and black to bold colours. No matter the statement you want to make, be it on the dance floor or the sports field, adidas Originals shoes for women have exactly what you need. Crafted to last both physically and fashionably, the attention to detail with every shoe is forensic. Colour picks, stitching styles, and profiles all carefully considered to give that blend between comfort and performance.

Backed by history

With over 100 years of experience on your feet, you can be confident that your adidas Originals shoes have been manufactured to give you the best experience. Iconic designs have littered the worlds of sport and music, crossing boundaries and bringing people together. Whatever your lifestyle, whenever you need them, adidas women's Originals shoes are created to give you what you need, when you need it. They understand the importance of good stylish footwear that delivers in the game when required. When wearing adidas shoes, you are following in the footsteps of some of the greats.