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Sport Shoes



Performance enhancing sports shoes for every activity. When you need raw power or athletic edge adidas is with you every step of the play.

How to Choose the Perfect Sports Shoes

Your shoes support you. They are your power, your energy, your focus. Our sports shoes are designed for performance in every sport.

1. Choose between Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Shoes

2. Choose your size

3. Choose your sport

4. Choose the performance

Your game your way

Each game is unique. Each player is unique. adidas develops shoes for players and for the game. Analysing the motion, the styles, and the techniques allows us to develop performance enhancing footwear for raw unadulterated power, perfect control, and style. From grip patterns for the explosive movements you need, to foot holding support for better stability, adidas technology helps you make waves.

Performance is power

Scientific sport technology and production makes each of our shoe ranges unique. Each sport has a different range of movement and energy. At adidas we make sports shoes for your performance. Boost technology delivers exceptional returns to help you move fluidly and powerfully. Responsive cushioning means the more energy you give, the more gets returned. Stay light, stay in control. Contoured grips for courts, turf, and outdoor use give you unparalleled dynamic movement on any playing surface. Lightweight, water-resistant fabrics for better breathability and comfort. Primeknit upper wraps offer adaptive support to reduce strain. Locking and torsion fittings provide maximum foot stability to increase performance.

More speed, more power, more control. Style, precision, and comfort. Your life at play supported in every step.