Dedicated skater or casual rider, sharpen your style with our skate clothes and shoes. From Busenitz to Nora, we've got the sneakers and hoodies for you.

adidas Skate Clothes & Shoes

Style, utility and comfort on and off the skateboard. That's what adidas skate clothes and shoes are all about. Our skate tees, shirts, pants and shorts seamlessly blend casual, laid-back style in modern fits and tones with the mobility and performance you need during your ride. Our skate shoes do all that while also providing extra durability and cushioning in all the right places so you can skate your best whether you're a beginner or pro. And speaking of pros, we have plenty of signature skateboarding gear designed in collaboration with professional skaters like Dennis Busenitz, Mark Gonzales and Tyshawn Jones, as well as our first-ever female skate sponsor, Nora Vasconcellos.

Built to deliver classic skate style for all, our skate apparel is designed using UNITEFIT, an all-gender fit system created with a spectrum of sizes, genders and forms in mind. Choose from premium cotton blends and relaxed French terry construction for a cosy, comfortable feel or breathable, lightweight materials for hot days and intense sessions. The versatility continues with our skate shoes, which come in vulc and cupsole designs, a variety of durable upper materials and low, mid and high cuts for the best performance depending on your riding style. With sizes for men, women and kids, the options just go on and on. Find skate clothes and shoes that meet all your style and performance needs when you shop adidas Skateboarding.

Skateboarding Frequently Asked Questions

Flat-soled shoes and durable, stretchy skateboarding clothing help skaters land tricks. Skateboarding is a lower-body sport, and your pants and shoes will have frequent contact with the board, rails and ground. Wear leather or canvas skate shoes with a rubber outsole for board control. Chino or denim stretch pants are popular for their durability and comfort. For the upper body, wear whatever keeps you comfortable, like a t-shirt or hoodie.
adidas skateboarding started in 1989. Since then, adidas has worked with some of the most trusted names in the sport. Skate shoes designed with — and named after — skate pros Dennis Busenitz, Mark Gonzales and Nora Vasconcellos are a testament to adidas skate cred.
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