Men's White Jackets


White jackets for men just got a makeover

How much can you really expect from a collection of white jackets for men? The answer is not that much. It’s just a white jacket after all. Now enter adidas. We have made a name for taking something ordinary and plain and elevating it to new heights. We took the humble men’s white jacket and added a poly- and perfluorinated substances- (PFC) free water-repellent finish and a ribbed and adjustable drawcord hem. Sprinkle some side seam zip pockets and what you have is a line of jackets that are ready to please even the most demanding customers.

This jacket is about to make you stylish, comfortable and warm

This is a product that will help you be the man who makes a noise without uttering a single word. Put it on and venture out into the city, into the wild, into competition. The setting does not really matter. What matters is you and your needs. The adidas white jackets for men are a coup for modern male tailoring and sportswear performance engineering. Never has a jacket been so evenly balanced when it comes to appearance and usability. An item of clothing you’ll be proud to own and even prouder to wear.

Can we just agree that this white jacket is exceeding your expectations?

How you choose to match this jacket is entirely up to you. So is how often you choose to wear it. So is the terrain and weather conditions. White jackets for men by adidas is a range of products that was made to crush limitations. The technology, design and materials used for the jackets are essentially daring you to push them to the limits. Live your life to the edge without having to worry about how your jacket will react to it.