Maternity Clothing


Maternity clothes for the active mother to be

Your clothes should provide support with flexibility, agility, style and a great fit that covers your body throughout every stage of your pregnancy. At adidas, we want to help you with maternity wear and clothes that really matter during this unforgettable part of your life. After all, your pregnancy is also a good opportunity to keep up with your active lifestyle, or even improve it in some ways, adapting it to your new reality. With this in mind, we have created a range of versatile, comfortable and fun adidas maternity clothes to help you achieve your fitness goals, or maybe just enjoy a quiet day in a really comfortable outfit.

Maternity wear that matters

Our pregnancy clothes are made with the premium materials you need for your activity of choice, whether you're going for comfort or for functionality. Be it a fabric with moisture-absorbing qualities or a cotton blend, you'll never be out of cosy and trendy options to wear. We also think you'll enjoy the additional sizing variations in many of our pieces, so you can find the one that is the right fit for your body. For those with bold taste, we've also added some special colours to our range of maternity clothing that will make sure you continue to stand out from the crowd.

Your choice of style in pregnancy clothes

You'll likely do many things and go to many places whilst enjoying pregnancy, and your clothes should keep up with you. When it comes to your maternity active wear, we've got you covered. Whether you are going for a quick run wearing our joggers matched with one of our tops, sporting your adidas sweatshirt on your way to the gym, choosing one of your hoodies for layering over your casual wear, or even wearing one of our dresses to spend the day outside, we're here to provide the best options for your women's maternity clothes, be it in a sporty setting or to enjoy those relaxing moments.