Golf Shoes

Energize every step from drive to putt in adidas golf shoes. Designed to give you dependable traction in every swing.
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Golf Shoes

Your swing, your aim, your drive all come down to one thing. Your stance. The right golf shoes will help you perfect your stance so that you can play your best golf game ever. Having extra stability during your swing will give you the precision you need to make each shot count. With perfect support, you'll be able to play more rounds with less fatigue.
Choosing the best golf shoes
Fit, style and the weather conditions you play in, are all very important factors in choosing the right golf shoe. There's a reason why professional golfers take their footwear so seriously, and it's the very same reason that you should too. With perfect stability, comfort and an energised feel, you'll play a more focussed game with better results.
The right golf shoe fit
This is one of the most important factors in a great game of golf. Most people have one foot slightly larger than the other, so always make sure you select a golf shoe that is more comfortable for your larger foot. Remember, feet expand with heat and motion. Golf shoes should be tighter in the mid section to provide you with increased support as you swing. We recommend that you have a half-inch gap between your big toe and the front of your shoe.
Cleated vs. spikeless golf shoe
There's no dispute that cleated (or spiked) golf shoes provide the ultimate stability on the course. A strategically placed asymmetrical cleats layout, will keep you in prime form no matter how heavy your swing. With modern advancements, spikeless golf shoes have fused great stability with excellent versatility. Golfers can now wear the same shoes from their home, to their car, to the course and into the golf club without a single change of shoes. It is important to note though that although they provide great stability, spiked golf shoes will still provide more lateral stability when compared.
Weatherproof golf shoes
Let's face it, when you finally have some time to enjoy a solid game of golf, the weather will most likely not be on your side. Luckily adidas golf shoes are made with durable waterproof materials to help you enjoy your game, and it doesn't stop there. With models made for more extreme weather conditions, climacool golf shoes and climaheat golf shoes will keep you at a comfortable temperature during those long rounds.

Golf Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

adidas Climaproof golf shoes are seam-sealed and water resistant. For fully waterproof golf shoes, look for adidas RAIN.RDY technology, which has replaced the Climaproof technology. RAIN.RDY golf shoes channel rain away and keep water out so feet stay dry for all 18 holes.
Golf shoes shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. They should fit snugly at the midfoot so your feet aren’t slipping around in the shoe. They should be snug in the heel, too, to help prevent rubbing and blisters, but not so tight that they hurt. The toe box should be wide enough that your toes can relax and spread easily, allowing a full and natural grip. Take measurements of both feet and use the larger of the two to determine your size; you can always add an insole to make up the difference. Check that the shoe's width accommodates the broadest section of your foot. If your shoes are too loose, your feet may slide when you swing the club. When swinging, a loose fit can cause you to lose your balance. If you want to play your best golf, stability is always key.