Girls' Skate Shoes


Girl skate shoes

When it comes to skateboarding, having the right shoes is of utmost importance. This is a sport involving a large range of movements and impact actions, and you want to ensure you have the right support as you jump, twirl and then land back on the skateboard. This is even more important when we’re talking about children who are still in the growing phase, and the adidas collection of girl skate shoes offer just that. They also come in a range of designs girls will love, with the adidas logo displayed in various ways such as the classic 3-Stripes or a logo woven on the shoe’s tongue.

Protection starts in the design

Each element of the adidas girl skate shoe has been designed with the user’s protection in mind. A rubber cupsole will give you more grip on various surfaces including the skateboard, making the shoes versatile and perfect for everyday wear. Textile lining is lightweight and increases comfort, especially when coupled with a cushioned sockliner. A shoe with a T-toe design offers extra protection at the front of the shoe and increases its durability, thus giving your kid extra confidence as they switch from skating to everyday use.

A look you can’t help but love

When choosing girl skate shoes from adidas, not only are you getting quality shoes that will protect your kid’s feet as they are out playing, you will also have a range of design features to choose from which make the pair you choose truly yours. Choose sneakers with lace closure if you want to control how loose or tight the shoes are tied up, or a pair with a hook and loop strap that can be easily taken on and off while giving a hip look. Girl skate shoes are also available with uppers made of synthetic leather and are perfect if you’re looking for a leather look that is environmentally conscious.