Derrick Rose Basketball Shoes

The adidas Derrick Rose series are a range of basketball shoes made in collaboration with the NBA legend himself. Stand out from the crowd while elevating your game to the next level.

Derrick Rose

adidas has collaborated with Derrick Rose to bring you the most outrageously daring basketball shoes to be donned on the court yet. Be ready to bring a pair to your game and wear this legendary name with pride. The first thing to note on the D Rose shoes is the attention to detail in the design: the multiple colourways draw on inspiration and influences from the Harlem Renaissance and Chinese New Year. A truly eclectic collection to get your hands on.

Signed off by Derrick Rose

Of course, the Derrick Rose shoes are more than just a pretty sight – they have been designed with enhanced comfort at the forefront of the mind. These shoes transcend cultural aspects and design influences to offer a shoe you can be proud to wear. D Rose shoes will keep you sharp on the court, equipping you with all the necessary tools to carry your team to glory and play your game fluidly. Constructed with a reinforced heel, be prepared to battle it out against your opponent – the heel will provide lateral stability and prevent any slips at the most crucial moments. The sock-like fit wraps around your feet and the midsole provides ultimate cushioning and support.

As you’d expect given the reputation carried by this collaboration of giant names, the D Rose shoes haven’t missed a trick. adidas delivers this basketball shoe to resilient and determined players who are prepared to risk it all. Glide across the court on the lightweight rubber outsole, which will provide you with just enough traction to feel secure but light on your toes at the same time. Play without fear and power your way through the ailing defence thanks to the improved stability and comfort offered by the D Rose shoes. Lead your team to victory and leave nothing behind.