City2Surf Training Plan


So you’ve decided to join the 80,000 strong event and run the 14 kilometres from Sydney’s Hyde Park to Bondi Beach in the world’s largest fun run, City2surf. Whether you’re a running novice or a seasoned competitor, this adidas curated City2Surf training guide will ease you into preparation, provide training tips and have you race-ready come Sunday August 13th.

A 14 km run is the perfect distance to test your speed and endurance or to start building up towards your first half marathon. During your training, you should look to gradually increase your distance each week with your longest run being between 10-12 kms. During the final weeks, you should ease off training to allow your body to fully recover and be at optimal performance come race day. 



Pick a race-time goal and gradually build to this time over the training period – each week running slightly faster than previous. Adding in interval training to your program will help to increase overall fitness levels, giving you the edge to increase speed during your endurance runs. Treat your feet to a well-fitting and durable pair of running shoes such as those in the BOOST range which will enhance your preparation during speed training. The midsole in these shoes does not change performance in extreme temperatures, including intense heat and biting cold, allowing you to train in all conditions. Keep pushing your limits by adding a little more pace to each run - get comfortable with being uncomfortable and we’ll take care of your feet. 



Running for extended periods of time helps to build your endurance both mentally and physically for the race. Doing an endurance training run of between 45-60 minutes once a week will prepare your body to push to you to your desired speed on race-day.  Running in clothing that is breathable and cooling will assist with keeping you comfortable during your endurance exercises. This will allow you to focus on training your mind to concentrate for longer periods of time and teach the body to be more efficient at using and preserving energy.



Recovery is an essential element of your preparation as it allows your body to repair to build muscle and fitness levels. Using a foam roller or stretching post training whilst the muscles are still warm is vital as it improves flexibility to allow for greater runs. On rest days, recovery should be both active and static such as brisk walks and yoga or dedicated stretch sessions respectively. These rest days are an integral part of your preparation as running too much can cause your body to overwork and injure – it’s not the quantity of your runs, it's the quality of your runs. 



The key to a successful preparation is having the right workout gear for your run. Making sure you've got the correct running shoes for your foot type as well as comfortable clothing that will see you through the race. Your feet play the biggest role while you run, so running shoes are the most important piece of your race day kit.  A form-fitting, quality pair of shoes that compliment your foot type will prevent injuries and add endurance to your runs. Whether you have flat feet, a natural stance or over pronation, you can find the perfect pair with our running shoe 'best for' filter selction. Consider clothing with moisture-wicking and heat resistant fabrics that will allow you to stayer drier for longer and focused on your run.




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