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Chunky trainers

Sleek, streamlined silhouettes were once the popular choice for trendy kicks but nowadays it's all about chunky trainers. adidas chunky trainers have a distinctly retro feel and take inspiration from 90s runners. Step forward in a funky pair of shoes that will give you a vintage vibe in addition to modern comfort. Not restricted by stature confines, performance features are loaded into these models. Offering the ability to wear them as a statement piece or blend into an outfit, chunky trainers are the ultimate casual lifestyle shoe. Bold yet undoubtedly fashionable, they can be worn in a variety of settings.

A supportive day-long base

Remodelling the demands of retro sneakers, casual trainers deliver a soft and forgiving cushioned landing. adidas has incorporated a Stabilising Torsion System into these designs which provides stability across the midfoot section. Acting as a fluid arch support, the system works as a bridge between the heel and forefoot to distribute load. The adidas range of casual trainers also boasts lightweight EVA midsoles. The compression set foam helps to absorb impact through your stride and keeps you feeling light on your feet. Mesh structures are the bases of the uppers for these shoes, with styles featuring a range of overlay materials such as suede and leather. Adaptable to the unique demands of your step, these fabrics deliver a comfortable home for your feet. The mesh regions also ensure breathability for all-day wear.

Spice up your style

adidas chunky trainers put you in the box seat to display your taste. Far from conventional, these shoes will give you an edge and make you stand out from the pack. Layered designs add an element of depth and evoke an artful flair while patterned soles keep everything funky on the ground. Embrace the beefy silhouettes and indulge in retro nostalgia. With chunky trainers available in men's, women's and youth sizes, you're sure to find the perfect pair.