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Women • Training • Shoes

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Reviews for: adidas Women - Training - Shoes

67 reviews
adipure 360.3 Shoes Comfortable
20 November 2015

I followed the advice from other buyers of these trainers and got the half size up (I'm a size 8). Good decision! I've put the trainers to the test and can say that they are very comfortable. I do Body Conditioning, Group Cycle, Body Pump, Free Weights etc. and they are just great so far! Did I mention they are comfortable! ... read more

ChrisFit7, London, UK go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Great shoe
20 November 2015

These came up a size too small for me (I'm a 6, ordered a 6.5) but Adidas always come up small for me. Wore them round the house and they were supremely comfortable in all respects but the length and look great. They're really light. Am reordering a size 7, the customer service and returns process was excellent. ... read more

RJane98 go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes New to Adidas
17 November 2015

I bought a pair of Adidas trainers and really like them. I have small feet and usually shoes rub on my ankle bone, but the cut on these shoes feel great. The sole is thin but very comfy for all the walking I do in them. Also the color was awesome... black with neon pink accents! ... read more

Kim98611, Washington State go to product
Niya Fitfoam Shoes A good pair- BUT
05 November 2015

The shoe in itself is nice, very comfortable, has a removable insole. But what I felt is that since the insole is very cushioned, it makes my feet feel a little tight in them. So a half size bigger would be a good option if you wear a bit guffy gym socks with it, or may be wear a thin sock. The color of the shoe is actually Teal green with pink.. I thought it was black when i placed an order for these. My feet kind of slipped out of them when i do mountain-climbers even though these have good grip on feet. But i guess that goes for almost all shoes..For other exercises, these were good.. ... read more

Dilmeet, Toronto go to product
Atani Bounce Finally I have found the best trainers!
29 October 2015

These are the best trainers I have ever used for the type of exercise I do. The classes i do are high intensity classes such as metafit, insanity and body combat. I also do body pump which is a fast paced weight lifting class. These trainers provide my feet with alot of support, they are a cushioned snug feet and also provide me with the flexibility i need to be able to perform the lateral movements in my exercise classes. They actually do feel bouncy so they are great for plyometrics exercises, when jumping in the air and landing on the ground the cushion your feet and your feet don't slip around in the trainer, which i have found to be a problem with other trainers i have recently purchased. I found these through trial and error, these are my third pair of trainers i have purchased in the last month! So i am extremely happy that i found these trainers and i hope they keep making this style in the future! I have problems with the balls of my feet really aching during high impact workouts but since having these trainers the pain has considerably reduced now which is great. I would highly recommend these trainers! ... read more

HayleyD01, Chester go to product
adidas STELLASPORT Yvori Shoes Amazing but beware!
29 October 2015

I absolutely love this shoe, very lightweight and easy to wear but you have to beware that this is not a shoe you can run in the rain as there are holes in the shoe - Best be used in the gym. It's not built for a specific type of sport, rather a bit of everything such as Crossfit. Otherwise, love this shoe, stylish for every day wear to uni and to the gym. ... read more

NicoleK, Auckland, NZ go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Lightweight and comfortable
19 October 2015

I bought these shoes because I was looking for sneakers to wear to Zumba and for every day use. They are very lightweight, support my arches, and I am comfortable all day. The material around the lacing allows for a perfect fit-tighter in some parts and looser in others, depending on my activity. Happy with my purchase! ... read more

Martamac, Portland, OR go to product
adipure 360.2 Chill Shoes Perfect Shoes for Work Out
17 October 2015

First of all I purchased this online, delivered so fast!. Size is the same to other running shoes I have bought from Nike. I have gotten a lot of compliments on this shoes. My trainer said they are great for workout but not the ideal running shoes. I love it, it's very light. ... read more

Olivia3388, Toronto go to product
Niya Fitfoam Shoes Look great. Feel fantastic
10 October 2015

Was worried as ordered online. However when arrived so cute. I'm not a girly girl so just flashes of pink not over the top. The mesh looks very fashionable. My sister was so impressed she immediately ordered the green version. Thanks! ... read more

Nssi, London UK go to product
Niya Fitfoam Shoes Comfortable
09 October 2015

Great for gym use and light running. Really stylish, love the reflective material underneath the mesh and the coloured soles. The only negative would be the elasticated section around the opening of the trainer. This isn't that clear on the pictures nor is it stated very obviously. Quite hard to wear socks and get the shoe on without fumbling about! Overall a good, comfortable work out shoe. ... read more

Banana83, Edinburgh go to product
Atani Bounce Very comfortable and looks good
07 October 2015

Very comfortable and looks good! I went half a size up (given that I ordered these online and expected the fit to be similar to my Nike sneakers). But it is only slightly bigger than expected because of it. These would be true to size, so no need to go a half to full size up with these shoes. ... read more

Sheens, Melbourne, Australia go to product
adipure 360.2 Chill Shoes Very Comfortable!
04 October 2015

These shoes are just a bit big. I wear an 8 and ordered the 8 but could of definitely gotten away with a 71/2. First time I wore these I found them extremely comfortable and definitely knew I could run in them, I really like the colour and chose the grey laces to match the blue. ... read more

Eddine55, Woodstock go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes BEST TRAINERS EVER!
30 September 2015

I wanted to try a new brand and while browsing this site, noticed these trainers. I read reviews here, and on 2 other sites before deciding to purchase. I am in LOVE w/these sneakers. I use them for bootcamp-style workouts which include lifting, box jumps, jumping rope, sled pushes..they are perfect for lifting as well as all of the other metabolic exercises I perform. I am between a 7.5-8, ordered the 8, tad roomy, but glad I went w/the 8. They r medium-wide width. Just perfect:) ... read more

klf1968, cheshire CT go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Best Training Shoe in the Market
08 September 2015

I own many training shoes from all the top brands. Read in a magazine that Adipure 360.3 was rated the best shoe for training and decided to try it. The Veredict - The best Training shoe in every way! Stability, flexibility, cushion,,,,everything! I am hoping Adidas make other colors not pastel like (I bought the black color) just like they did with their Solar Boost line...I will buy every single color for sure!! ... read more

caborojo7 go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Great for circuit training and HIIT
07 September 2015

I have worn these trainers twice so far for circuits and a HIIT class and have to say I'm really pleased with their performance. They're quite flat shoes and the heels on my feet feel supported and grounded, especially for side to side movements and also landing from jumps, burpees, etc. I ordered a half size up from my usual size as other reviewers recommended it - glad I did. ... read more

Becs30, London go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Super comfy!
30 August 2015

I love these lightweight shoes for working out and even dancing and cardio classes. I've never had a pair that you just slip into and they're surprisingly comfortable. I also love the subtle Black on Black with just a hint of neon yellow. Great purchase! ... read more

julesdancinggal, montreal go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Best Training Shoes
27 August 2015

These shoes are so light and comfortable. I'm normally an 8 in footwear, unless its a running or training shoe, which I always go at least half a size up for comfort and room. I have wide feet and was worried that the Adipure 360.3 wouldn't be wide enough. The 8.5 is perfect. The pink is bright than shown; I wouldn't call it red. I am about to order my second pair I love them so much. ... read more

Summer22, NSW, Australia go to product
Niya Fitfoam Shoes Little Clouds
24 August 2015

These trainers are so comfy for walking about and training at the gym in. They're not the most ideal for the treadmill - however I don't know if this is just me as I suffer with tightness on the arch of my foot when I run, which is why I thought I'd give the foam a try. The innersole is removable which is handy and I assume this means they are washable (I haven't tried/looked into this yet). They look good and I would definitely buy them again. ... read more

Lucy92 go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes My new favorite HIIT shoes
13 August 2015

This is a big improvement over the previous version of the adipure (360.2). Pros: 1. The 3 stripes on either side of the shoe are part of a thin, flexible wraparound lacing system. The previous version of this shoe had thick rigid plastic stripes glued onto the fabric, and they dug into my wide left foot. On this new version, I don't have that problem at all. This is a huge deal for me, because I've had to cut workouts short due to left foot pain in other shoes. 2. The super flexible sole still wraps up onto the sides of the shoe, providing good lateral support. It's also still wide enough to ensure solid, stable single-leg planting/balancing. 3. The mesh is stretchy enough to accommodate a wide foot, and it's fairly breathable (though it's not quite the same mesh used on the previous adipure version). My feet don't roast in these shoes. 4. Thought I'd hate the bootie construction, but I was wrong! I love not having to deal with a detached tongue, and I don't need to worry about the tongue not covering enough of my left foot (protecting my foot against lace burn). I can go comfortably sockless in these shoes for HIIT. 5. The previous adipure version was a half size too long. This new version fits truer to size. 6. My ankles aren't forced to roll in any direction. Many athletic shoes are built for overpronators, but I'm a neutral/slight supinator and those shoes are death traps for my ankles. In these adipures (and the previous version), my feet and ankles are free to move however they need to. Cons: 1. There's a lot of glue residue around both shoes, where the sole's attached. I hope that's not a bad durability omen. We'll see how these hold up. 2. The insole's still very thin and offers no cushion. But whenever I need more cushioning, I just add a thicker insole on top of the existing adipure insole and I'm good to go. Sock with a fair amount of padding work too, but I actually prefer to go barefoot in these shoes. 3. The ankle collar is too padded for me. But it's stretching out with time, and feels less constricting every day. It feels perfect on my right ankle now, and it's gettin' there on my wider left ankle. Overall: I love this shoe enough to buy a second backup pair. ... read more

Luckyducky, Chicago IL go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes Most comfortable trainers ever
10 August 2015

like walking on sunshine woooahh. like walking on sunshine woooahh and don't it feel good. Awesome pair of trainers, most comfortable trainers I've ever had. thoroughly recommend. had to buy a half size bigger. ... read more

ChillWinston go to product
Ciccura Shoes Unfortunately does not come in a half size.
09 August 2015

I really liked the look of this shoe and a friend has them in black and loves them. I wear a size 9.5 so took a chance on a size 9. It was that bit too snug so I returned them. I'm going to try the size 10 because even if they are too big I found the return policy extremely user friendly. ... read more

Jodster, Melbourne go to product
adidas Stellasport Yvori Shoes Cool trainers
21 July 2015

I bought these online, in the sale - with a hefty discount (thank you, Adidas!) Bought principally to wear to work, as I thought they'd look good with black trousers, quite smart. The quality is excellent - the photos on the site gave a full and detailed indication of the trainers, so I was confident in my purchase. When they arrived in store, they were exactly as described - great colour and fabrics, and really eye-catching detail. Im not wearing them for sports, but they're great as an everyday wear shoe - would recommend. ... read more

mtt1, Manchester, UK go to product
adipure 360.2 Chill Shoes Superb cross trainers
19 July 2015

These trainers are excellent, I bought them after my old ones started falling to bits. They fit really well, come with a choice of laces (I got orange and black) and the front is great you can actually feel the air whooshing through them if you're running or cycling and the sole doesn't slip at all. I'd recommend these trainers to anyone looking for a good all round cross trainer. ... read more

Angelou, London go to product
adipure 360.2 Chill Shoes The sizing is a bit smaller than standard UK
13 July 2015

Got the delivery a few days ago, unfortunately the size is slightly smaller than standard uk sizing (my size is usually size 4 and pretty comfortable in it, but this time my toes touch the top of the trainers, so wearing thick socks would be impossible). Otherwise, the product looks great, the colours and finishings are really nice. Will definitely re-order in bigger size. ... read more

Annadono79, London, UK go to product
adipure 360.3 Shoes adipure 360.3 Shoes
06 July 2015

Received this as a gift from my husband a week ago and i must say i really like it! Very comfortable, sleek, and light. The only downside is, in the edges of the shoes there were glue residues. Im not sure what they are? ... read more

Mrs. Lewis, USA go to product
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