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01 out of the dark / oman
02 the place of happiness / brazil
03 did you know that
04 kangchenjunga / himalaya
05 messner column
06 rockstars / stuttgart

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hybrid jacket

The hybrid construction of WINDSTOPPER®
and Soft Shell material keeps your body
temperature ideal at all times.

1. WINDSTOPPER® fabric provides
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2. HYBRID CONSTRUCTION uses the advantages
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3. BODYMAPPING identifies key sweat and heat
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4. FORMOTION enables you to perform with perfect
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“I love being outdoors, travel to various regions to try out cool alpine routes, multipitches or sportclimbs. Climbing and the lifestyle involved are important to me.”



date of birth24.05.1988

place of birthBludenz



sport / activitiesClimbing, ski-touring, trekking

place of residenceBludenz/ Vorarlberg

biggest accomplishmentsfirst women climbed the „Alpine Trilogie“.
Three of the hardest multipitch routes in the alps (Des Kaisers neue Kleider 8b+, Silbergeier 8b+, The End of Silence 8b+); First women climbing an 8b boulder, „pura vida“ in Switzerland; Second female ascent of „Delicatessen 8b“ in corse/FR; Sportclimbs up to 8c

latest success or projectAlpine Trilogie

favourite spot / location(s)Dolomites (ITA), Rätikon (CH),
Indian Creek (Utah), Spain

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“The challenges are dreams possible.”


fullnameDaniel Moreno de Loshuertos

date of birth08.12.1987

place of birthZaragoza


professionCoach of the Youth and Senior Climbing Team (Aragón). Climbing Personal Trainer

sport / activitiesClimbing (big wall, lead, boulder...)

place of residenceHuesca (Aragón)

biggest accomplishmentsCompetition: Vice-champion of Spain in 2010
Big Wall: Pan Aroma (8c, 500 mts)
Lead Climbing: 9a, 8c Flash and 8b+ on sight
Fastest record of Ruta del 85, 7a/700mts. La esfinge (5325mts) Perú in 1h45’ with Edu Marín.

latest success or projectFree climbing of Bellavista (8b+, 500mts, Dolomites)

favourite spot / location(s)I like Margalef for sportive climbing.
Dolomites for big walls.

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zangerl's favorite gear

Every woman wants to express her own style, even on the rock.

adidas asked Barbara Zangerl – what do you want? Which materials, tools, designs and style do you prefer? As a result, this season the Everyday Outdoor Climbing Collection and the Terrex Collection are bursting with new styles and features.

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dani moreno's

favorite gear

Part of this White Cordillera is extremely glaciated, while another section known as Cordillera Negra is completely free of snow. Overall, the result is a varied mountain world full of contrasts, one where the likes of Spanish alpinist Dani Moreno feel at home. Whether sport climbing up to 9a, ascending classic walls in the Dolomites or speed climbs like the one on the Sphinx:
Dani feels comfortable and safe in all terrains with the Terrex Series.

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the riddle
of the sphinx

Two Spaniards, Dani Moreno and Eduard Marin Garcia, took a step outside their comfort zone and discovered new terrain in Peru.

They pulled off a team speed ascent on 5,000-m La Esfinge, in the Cordillera Blanca. Less than two hours to blast up 600 metres of vertical terrain! Read the full story inside. Dreams fulfilled, new terrain discovered, a speed ascent at the limit, all comes down to one core state of mind: “Unlock your terrain!”

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“Love what you do and when it seems impossible and you are in doubt, Jump! Now, get outside and have an adventure... it's there waiting for you!”



date of birth13.05.1986

place of birthColorado


professionrock-climber / education

sport / activitiesclimbing, trail-running and swimming

place of residenceThe road and Colorado

biggest accomplishmentsClimbing 13+ "Frank Zappa Appreciation Society"

latest success or projectFlashing "Welcome to Barbados" 8a (success)
Onsighting the Totem Pole. (success)
Southern Delight (8c+) (project)

favourite spot / location(s)Being outside:
Taipan Wall - Australia

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“Do what inspires you. Don’t compromise.”



date of birth07.10.1984

place of birthSanta Rosa / California



sport / activitiesBig Wall, Bouldering

place of residenceSanta Rosa / California

biggest accomplishmentsFirst Ascent of the 45’ tall (13.7 meter)
highball “Ambrosia” in Bishop, California

latest success or projectWorking to establish The Dawn Wall
on El Capitan with Tommy Caldwell -
the world’s hardest big wall climb

favourite spot / location(s)Bishop, California
Fontainebleau, France
Yosemite, California

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“Live your dream in the present moment.”

Le Nevé


date of birth08.07.1989

place of birthLyon (France)



sport / activitiesClimbing, music,
outdoor activities in general

place of residenceMy van or my moment attached place:
Innsbruck (Austria)

biggest accomplishmentsSeveral podium in world cup,
french champion,
8c+ route 8a+ boulder

latest success or projectDeveloping climbing in Malawi and Turkey

favourite spot / location(s)Rocklands

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favourite gear

Itatiaia is a Brazilian expression that means “rocks with many sharp edges”. Kevin and Ben arrived in an oasis for those thirsty for climbing. Boulders were everywhere with “never-ending potential”, as Ben described his first impression. Massive granite blocks with some bizarre shapes and interesting lines. Explore Kevin’s favourite choice for this challenge.

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Le Nevé's
favourite gear

Every woman wants to express her own style, even on the rock.

adidas asked Mélissa Le Nevé - what do you want? Which materials, tools, designs and style do you prefer? As a result, this season the Everyday Outdoor Climbing Collection and the Terrex Collection are bursting with new styles and features.

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of brazil

Every story has a beginning, and this one is no different.

On his extended tour of South America, slackliner Lukas Irmler hung his lines higher and more spectacularly than ever before. We got to the roots of this trip. From b to z. Because a was at the beginning.

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“Keep it Slack!”


nicknameLuke Skywalker

date of birth14.06.1988

place of birthDachau, Germany



sport / activitiesSlacklining, Climbing, Mountaineering

place of residenceFreising, Germany

biggest accomplishments310m Longline Worldrecord (2012)
425m European Longline Record (2013) - the second longest Slackline on the planet.
And for sure the „Luke Skywalker“ Highline Trick

latest success or projectHighest altitude Highline in the world. In Peru at 5222m altitude in 2013.

favourite spot / location(s)During my five month stay in Marseille, France, I fell in love with the beautiful landscape there. The Calanques are definitely one of my happy places!

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To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken, because the greatest hazard of life is to risk nothing. The person risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, is nothing. He may avoid suffering or sorrow, but he simply cannot learn, feel, change, grow, live and love. (Leo Buscagia)


date of birth03.10.1979

place of birthChristchurch, NZ

nationalityNZ & German

professionProfessional Rock Climber

sport / activitiesRock Climbing, Trail Running, Yogy, Art

place of residenceThe World

biggest accomplishments- Free climbing the Salathe Wall a 1000m 8a+,
   El Capitan.
- First female ascent of Punks in the Gym,
   Australia, the first 8b+ in the World.
- First female ascent of L'Académicien, 8c,
   Céüse, France

latest success or projectSpeed record on the Nose, El Capitan

favourite spot / location(s)Yosemite Valley, USA & Ceuse, France

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favourite gear

Slackliner Lukas Irmler travelled to Brazil not only to fulfil one of his dreams by completing the classic on Pedra da Gávea, but also to open a spectacular highline at the Tabuleiro waterfall. Take a look at Lukas's favourite gear for taking his challenges.

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favourite gear

Every woman wantsto express her own style, even on the rock.

adidas asked Mayan Smith-Gobat - what do you want? Which materials, tools, designs and style do you prefer? As a result, this season the Everyday Outdoor Climbing Collection and the Terrex Collection are bursting with new styles and features.

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The climb in the 7th Hole in Oman is a cool metaphor for climbing and coping with life's difficulties. Their route is called "Out of the Dark".
The prize: "Into the light".

Take a look at the expedition gear for taking this challenges.


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place of

Throughout life they are constantly
searching for happiness...

The goal of of this trip was Stefan Glowacz's route
"The Place of Happiness", a stunning 850-metre white arête on Pedra Riscada, the most prominent granite dome and definitely "the line" to climb!

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